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The complete online design and sales solution for woodworking manufacturers

Our Story

Why did we build our Tek MD software and library? Like you, we are cabinet makers. We believe that technology can make your business more productive, allowing you to make more money.

We saw a need for a more robust library after purchasing Cabinet Vision and setting up our Allmoxy online store. So we decided to build the Tek MD library that works for all cabinet manufacturers.

We needed the ability to customize our customers’ orders. We were spending two days of engineering time modifying the order from Allmoxy to Cabinet Vision to get what the customer wanted, and what we needed to manufacture. The whole system was making our lives harder - not easier. We knew we could make something simpler for the customer and the manufacturer.

So our team created our own catalog of cabinet vision cabinets within the most robust software package that gives our customers the standards they need with the ability to customize, without spending valuable engineering time. Tek MD OSS offers a library like nothing you have ever experienced. See it to believe it!

With Tek MD, once the order comes in you are ready to cut, assemble/flat-pack and ship. Customers pay online upfront, so no more invoicing. No more bill collecting.

Tek MD OSS really puts the joy of wood manufacturing back into business! YOUR BUSINESS!

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